Rosemary Foccacia!

Recently, I’ve learned that a lot of students who are on campus for the summer are stressed out by the prospect of cooking for themselves.  Most of them claim that it’s too time-consuming or expensive.

I love Wesleyan over breaks. I love not having to write papers or wait for machines at the gym, and I love getting to hang out with my friends without the pressure of the academic year.  And so far I’ve survived without ever cracking open a box of Easy Mac.  Not that there isn’t a time and place for EasyMac, but it’s not its own food group (and neither is ramen!).

About Me:

I have an absurd love of baby spinach.  I’m addicted to tea, bread, coffee shops, and super-dark chocolate.  My kitchen is the size of a shoebox.  Sometimes when my housemates are asleep I bake naked.

What’s a “wesivore”?

Well, if a carnivore is an organism that eats meat, an herbivore eats plants, and an omnivore eats omnis, then a wesivore is an organism that … hold on… don’t ask questions.

Happy Eating!



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