28 Jul


Many of the summer research students are leaving tomorrow, and as sad as it will be to see them go, it’s definitely worth making like a squirrel (*Tangent* One day I woke up to find one of those fearless Wesleyan squirrels on my window sill with a huge foil-wrapped block in its teeth.  It had a Star and Crescent brownie, and was making squirrel happy faces at me through my window.  I have also seen them scampering up trees with whole Usdan bagels, Summerfields cookies, and slices of pizza.) *ahem, RESUME* and checking around your dorm/apartment/frat house for piles of free dry goods and other staples, as people in a hurry to catch trains, planes, and automobiles will sometimes leave their extras up for grabs.  Unopened boxes of cereal, pasta, and other things that don’t spoil are worth grabbing, but if you’re not sure, here’s what not to take.

Help out your friends as they’re preparing to leave because they’re probably a little stressed about packing everything up and making their train or flight… (maybe show your love with a cake?!) Best wishes to all of you wherever you’re headed!  Safe and happy travels!


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