Money Saving Tip: Brew Bakers

23 Jul

Students’ Afternoon Special:

“Come after 2pm for coffee, (or soda), and a pastry, and receive 10% off your order.  Valid any Day.  Student ID required.”

Also, try their latest special: get a  huge glass of iced tea or lemonade with strawberry-peach ice on top.  It’s a lot like an icecream float only more refreshing since there’s no fat.  If you want extra awesome (and who doesn’t?), try it with their tragically under-appreciated ginger lemonade.


One Response to “Money Saving Tip: Brew Bakers”

  1. nooyawka212 July 24, 2011 at 10:56 am #

    Ginger iced tea is one of mankind’s greatest inventions. It ranks up there with the iPad. But tastier.

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