Downtown Business District Gift Cards

12 Jul

Did you know these existed?

You can buy them at the Emporium and almost every place in town accepts them, even parking meters!

But why buy a Middletown Downtown Business District gift card (or, as the city abbreviates it, “DBD”)?  Um… well…

I suppose there’s no use buying one for yourself unless you want to keep one in your car to feed the meters (hm… good idea).  They would make interesting gifts though, since you can use them at both shops and restaurants, flexibility that most gift cards don’t offer.  And since vegan restaurants are both expensive and hard to find, a MDBD gift card would make a good present for a vegan who spends a lot at It’s Only Natural.

Also, if your parents are helping you out this summer but are concerned about giving you cash in fear that you will blow it on alcohol, drugs, and loose women (I’ve seen parents like this), convince them to buy you one of these instead of loading up your wescard with the significantly less versatile Middletown Cash.


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