Open Face Baked Cheese Thing

15 Jun

Whatever it is, it’s quick, healthy, and so absurdly simple that you can make it in less time than it takes to walk to Neon.


Prep: 5 minutes or less

  • a couple slices of thick multi-grain bread (I used beer bread), pita, or other bread of your choice
  • a few slices of cheese (pictured: jalapeno habenero cheddar from Price Chopper)
  • a handful of baby spinach, lettuce, or other salad greens, washed
  • chopped grape tomatos
  • other salad toppings (I used toasted pine nuts)
  • salad dressing or oil/vinegar
  1. Place the cheese on the bread and bake until cheese is toasted.  You can do this in a toaster oven or use a frying pan with a little butter.
  2. When it’s done, use the remaining ingredients to build a small salad on top and drizzle with dressing.
  3. EAT!

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