Cafe Rundown: Episode 1

15 Jun

169 Main street, Middletown, CT



Monday – Saturday: 7am-5pm;  Sundays: 8am-4pm

1/2 soup (Stuffed Pepper special, contains meat) 1/2 sandwich (Black bean hummus and vegetable special) and a mug of tea. Around $11.

Brew Bakers has a great variety of made to order sandwiches, burgers, soups, daily specials, bagels, specialty spreads, and desserts.  The staff are good with substitutions, and the place is generally vegetarian-friendly.  Vegan options are a little far between.  Best stuff on the menu: Austrian potato salad (a pretty healthy option since there’s no mayo), the Tijuana wrap (pulled pork, sweet potatoes, melted cheese, caramelized onions… it’s delicious), the Brew boilermaker (Guinness marinated steak, potatoes, horseradish sauce), and the chilled herb chicken sandwich, which comes with Asiago cheese, greens, and herb mayo on awesome bread.  The coffee drinks are pretty standard, as is the tea.  They’ll give you a mug and free refills if you’re staying.  See the whole menu– and read about the chef– here.

Student Discount: No

Middletown Cash: Yes

Price: A little high, but not unreasonable.  With the average cafe sandwich at about $8 and the cheapest I can find around $4.50, Brew Bakers is priced pretty normally.  Sandwiches are the most expensive menu items.  You can keep your order below $5 if you get soup or a bagel instead.  Breakfast wraps are also on the cheaper side and are served all day.  And if you’re looking for food to take home, a half dozen day old bagel bags cost around $2.50 and make fine sandwich bread; find them on the left side of the counter.

Service: Super-friendly and generally on top of things.  The baristas are pretty cool, though it’s hard to catch them at a free moment.

Atmosphere: While definitely one of those spacious, colorful, extremely clean coffee places (as opposed to the kind where the baristas are all trying to make it as musicians/poets/painters and patrons scribble in notebooks or do coke off the toilet tops during open mic nights) this is precisely what makes Brew Bakers a great place to hang out for a little while, read, or do work during your lunch hour (since they close at 5pm, it’s hard to get there at any other time).  There’s outdoor seating during the summer, and inside there’s always French, Chilean, or folk music playing over the speakers.  Even close to closing nobody’s in a rush to kick you out.  My one gripe is the dearth of comfy seating and book-spreadable table space.

WiFi: Thumbs down…  Although there seems to be a perfectly good, full signal network entitled “Brew Bakers,” it’s protected by a security key, and when I asked for the password, neither the staff nor the owner seemed to understand the question.  Everyone there said (repeatedly) to use the free Middletown network but it’s spotty at best and often completely MIA.

All in all I definitely like it for brunch or a coffee break.  It’s great for catching up on work in the off hours, too, though not if you plan on using the internet.


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